Применения: Zinc

Over 80% of the zinc produced today utilizes an electrolytic process. After ore is mined, milled, concentrated and roasted, the resulting powder is leached into a solution. This solution is then electrolysed in a cell fitted with aluminum cathodes to extract the zinc. Refined zinc is deposited on the aluminum cathode which is subsequently removed and stripped. Recent upgrades to zinc smelters have resulted in significant improvements in current efficiency and modern Zinc process technology utilizes current approaching 300kA.

Process Applications
High accuracy measurement of voltage and current is needed to…
  • Provide current data to process systems for optimum control
  • Detect unexpected changes in process efficiency
  • Accurately evaluate impact of intended / trial process changes
  • Objectively compare multiple process lines
  • Improve visibility of process energy utilization and costs

    Links to applicable DynAmp product pages :
    LKCO New high accuracy total process current measurement utilizing fiber optic sensing technology
    LKP for high accuracy total process current measurement
    Upgrades to improve performance of existing LKP, CM, FM & CXM systems

    Power Conversion Applications
    The Zinc refining process is most efficient with highly stable and reliable from power conversion equipment. Current instability leads to numerous process efficiency problems thereby increasing the costs. Such instability can cause process cell damage and even endanger staff and facility.

    Highly dependable and responsive measurement systems are needed to
  • Provide current data to rectifier control systems for optimum performance and stability
  • Provide overall multi-rectifier balance indication
  • Provide a backup ‘totalized’ current measurement signal for total mainline current
  • Sense power conversion equipment failure modes quickly to protect process, equipment and personnel.
  • Analyze rectifiers condition to determine maintenance requirements as well as acceptance testing of new/replacement rectifiers

    Links to applicable DynAmp product pages :
    LKAT for rectifier measurement, control and balance with over/reverse current protection
    LKP for high accuracy rectifier measurement control and balance
    Upgrades to improve performance of existing LKP, CM, FM & CXM systems
    BCMR to protect rectifiers from over/reverse rectifier events
    BRP New basic reverse current protection for rectifiers
    RCEM for internal rectifier analysis and condition monitoring
    Clamp-On for portable measurement

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