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The DC Arc furnace process is quite dynamic and sophisticated. Very responsive and dependable control is needed to establish, stablize the initial arc then steadily ramp current to full load and maintain it accurately. To do this, the control system needs the most responsive and accurate feedback information possible. It can only control as well as the inputs it receives.

Highly dependable and responsive measurement systems are needed to
  • Provide instantaneous current data to rectifier control systems for optimum performance and stability
  • Sense power conversion equipment failure modes quickly to protect process, equipment and personnel.
  • Analyze rectifiers condition to determine maintenance requirements as well as acceptance testing of new/replacement rectifiers
  • Links to applicable DynAmp product pages :
    LKCO New high accuracy total process current measurement utilizing fiber optic sensing technology
    LKP for high accuracy total process as well as rectifier output current measurement
    Upgrades fto improve performance of existing LKP, CM, FM & CXM systems
    LKAT for rectifier output measurement, control and balance with over/reverse current protection
    BCMR to protect rectifiers from over/reverse current events
    BRP New basic reverse current protection for rectifiers
    RCEM for internal rectifier analysis and condition monitoring
    Clamp-On for portable measurement

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